Dream partnership between SavingSpecies and a New York movie production company
Butterfly dancer Kai Altair, performing in the film Dreams of the Last Butterflies poses with wings outstretched, as the Malabar Tree Nymph (Idea malabarica). (Photo by Nicholas Whitaker) Art for art’s sake is one thing: art for nature’s sake is entirely better! We at SavingSpecies think so. Great things can happen when art and science team up—and some truly great things are about to happen now that SavingSpecies is partnering with award-winning filmmaker Zina Brown and acclaimed electronic rock artist Kai Altair. Today, SavingSpecies and film company Thousand Names Productions announce a new partnership. Emerging from Thousand Names Productions’ new film Dreams of the Last Butterflies the partnership is a paradigm shift in the way art and science can work together to heal the Earth. Indeed Dreams of the Last Butterflies will be one of the first carbon neutral films produced and made in New York. The partnership also shows a new way to communicate science and conservation needs. Now, SavingSpecies can better reach non-scientist audiences outside those usually reached by science communicators. Zina and Kai help us tell compelling and engaging stories that will appeal to people of all backgrounds and ages. The new partnership combines the power of science with the power of art. Science informs decision-making and art inspires people to see the world differently. This powerful synergy will promote international conservation and awareness of the need to take responsibility for our planet. It is also proof that small businesses—or even specific projects and art works—can be […]