New books coming soon - sandra danby
Mel Sherratt Self-published author Sherratt has signed a two novel deal with Amazon Publishing’s thriller and mystery imprint Thomas & Mercer. Sherratt has already released Taunting the Dead, the second book Watching Over You is unpublished. Taunting the Dead was first published via the Kindle Direct Publishing programme, reaching number three on the Kindle chart. James Oswald Crime writer, and farmer in Scotland, Oswald is to publish the third in his Inspector McLean series, following on from Natural Causes and The Book of Souls. The Hangman’s Song is scheduled for publication in February 2014. The new deal will see one book published in July 2014, and two more in 2015 Al Robertson Crashing Heaven, the sci-fi debut of Al Robertson, takes place in the future where earth has been abandoned and humanity lives on Station, an asteroid run by the sentient corporations of the Pantheon. Jack Forster and Hugo First, a virtual puppet tied to Jack’s mind, try to uncover how two of his friends died. Cecilia Ekback Hodder will publish two titles from Ekback, a graduate of the Royal Holloway creative writing masters under Andrew Motion. Wolf Winter, her first book, tells the story of a vicious murder in a small community of new settlers in 18th century Lapland. A severe winter there is known as a ‘wolf winter’. Ekbäck was born in Sweden in a northern fishing town, her parents come from Lapland. Carla Spradbery Debut author Carla Spradbery has sold two children’s novels to Hodder Children’s Books. Her debut The 100 Society is a standalone YA thriller about six sixth-form students at an elite boarding school who form a society, The 100 Society. Their game turns dangerous when a stalker gets involved. The 100 Society will be published in September 2014, followed by another standalone novel in 2015.