Uncluttering the Studio | Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs
I have been busy uncluttering my studio and setting up a new area for my "mini photo studio." I have to be able to manipulate the lighting better, which obviously entails having more room to move lights, props, camera, and so on. So I created a separate area for this and boy, does it help with other stuff, too! Now I have a whole table for soldering and keum boo work without being afraid to set my light box on fire. Nice! And it's amazing how inspiring an uncluttered space can be... I will be posting some pictures of my new set up soon. I am trying to clear and clean the whole space, so it is taking longer than anticipated, because I can't do it all at once. Plus, the uncluttering has put me to work taking pictures of things I need to sell locally or on eBay to clear the clutter and also purchase a new camera I have my eyes on. The little Olympus I have been using for years has served me well, but I am ready to upgrade and work some more to improve my photographs. I used to do