Early Morning Immediacy, Art Making on the Run. | Ryan Seslow ART & DESIGN
3/15/13 Early Morning Immediacy, Art Making on the Run Artists need "studio time and space" to create their work... but I depends on HOW each artist defines that. I remember thinking when I was 10 years old that I would one day need a studio. In fact, I would need one that looked just like Picassos. I thought this simply because I was exposed to an image of one of Picassos studios. He must have been in his 60's at this point, but that was my first awareness of where artists were supposed to work. I think that we retain a lot of information from our childhood this way until we question it. If we dont, we are running an old program on default. I like living my life by design. I do have a physical studio that I create work in on a regular basis, but I also create an equal amount of my work while Im on the run, in between day to day work related tasks and so forth. I take advantage of the "waiting rooms of life." You know, that half hour of time in between classes, before or after work,