Collage Art Making on the Run :: January 2015 | Ryan Seslow ART & DESIGN
Black and White is back and on the run. I'm working on a fresh new series of collages using my screen prints and rubber stamp prints on paper. The studio is mobile. It consists of a hand full of prints, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and some 8.5 x 11 inch paper. It all fits into a hand made folder and inserts into a mailbag. The arrangements happen during the in between moments. A lot can be accomplished in 15 minutes, especially with image making. Im not much interested in time sucking on social media. Easily seduced I may be, but art making always out weighs any internet sleuthing. Over the years I have duplicated this technique and will finally bind a series together into a small edition of hand made books to show in a few up and coming exhibitions. These new static pieces will also serve as my GIF animation content. Simply because static has evolved and movement has captured my interest. Aside from this blog I keep a an all collage and hand made arrangement set on