Art Work of the Month :: September 2013 | Ryan Seslow ART & DESIGN
Art Work of the Month :: September 2013 I generated a new series of collages and one GIF animation this Friday as I awaited my 2D design class to roll in at CUNY York College. It was the first day of classes for my Friday schedule this fall. I have written quite a bit on this blog about taking advantage of the in between moments in life to create art and this was indeed the case. I have to admit, it was intentional. I get up earlier than I need to on Fridays to beat the commute into Jamaica, and to use the large open studio space before class. I give myself an hour to spread out and cut up my screen prints, rubber stamp prints, photo copies, drawings and other works on paper to generate the collage works. This is a practice that I not only love, but it keeps me sharp as I teach the 2D design course. The course has an emphasis on the principles of design and the how to understanding of generating compositions and arrangement variations. Introducing and applying new techniques is