A Great Collaborative Opportunity for Artists! | Ryan Seslow ART & DESIGN
:: An Ongoing Collaboration Opportunity :: 11/27/12 - Dear Fellow Artists, Students, Colleagues, and Friends, I want to take this time to invite you to check out a great collaborative opportunity. The project is a synthesis of process and energy created by Brooklyn Artist Elanit Kayne. Read on. This project is open to all, but if you happen to be taking a class with me this semester, this project can serve as an extra credit project. Collaboration is the Key ~todayidumpedthebodies.blogspot.com Hello Artists & Art Students, Professor Ryan Seslow has invited me to write to you. As a conceptual artist, I like to involve other artists in my work, featuring their individuality and skills. We are all here together in this big wide world and learning from and appreciating each other is key. Today I Dumped The Bodies originated in Coral Spring, FL. I was living in this suburb for a short spurt of my life and needed to entertain myself so I started "dumping" or leaving in prime places;