The Home Improvements You've Been Neglecting — But Shouldn't | Russ Kirby House & Home
Updating and upgrading your home sounds like a chore and can at times seem exhausting before you even start. At the same time, while these tasks may not be your favorite thing to accomplish, they will surely affect the enjoyment and usefulness you get out of the space. So stop putting it off, get the job done, and sit back and relax in your upgraded space. Look around your home and see if any of these home improvement tips are relevant to you. New Light Bulbs As light affects the entire perception of the room, it's crucial that your lighting be in good condition, with no burnt out bulbs. Even fixtures that are dulling or just don't provide the same kind of light they used to should be taken into consideration. This is one improvement that perhaps works with the least amount of change — simply replacing a bulb or a light — but provides the biggest results. So instead of straining your eyes in dim lighting, get to work at replacing the lighting in your space. Outdated Hardware Many