What New Technology Can Do For Your Business | RSQUARE MEDIA
The talk about artificial intelligence over the last few years has been the rage and has almost all scientists and science aficionados talking about it. It revolves around how it's going to overwhelmingly, make our lives easier, make learning and problem solving much less complicated, and can even replicate the human voice. It is even being used in the place of doctors, as robots can maneuver easily where doctors have to struggle. In business life it can reduce the workload and make people have adopted the adage: "work smarter, not harder". Let us begin to talk about how it is being used to affect great change in today's society. Automation, the process by which a machine does the work of a human, has been used to great success. A study by Russel and Norvig in 2009 cite other well-known examples that have been used very effectively which include "drones, self-driving cars, mathematical theorems, virtual games (where virtual reality comes into place),