The Importance of Online Reputation Management: Establishing Trust | RSQUARE MEDIA
In all relationships in life, trust is key. However, even as the most important fundamental value, it is a common source of conflict. Trust in business is vital to success. Arthur Genseler reports in Fortune, a global media organization, "Trust in business enjoys two main benefits. The first is with your clients. If they know you are honest and direct with them, they usually are willing to work through challenges with you, and they won't hesitate to be a referral source when things go well." The business industry is growing more competitive every day with the emergence of new social media platforms and other internet avenues. Online Reputation Management is pivotal in establishing your brand's online presence in a positive light to create trust. Most people trust brand recommendations from friends, influencers and online reviews. A brand with a positive image dominates its presence on Google's first page. According to Forbes Magazine, "Businesses risk losing 22 percent of business