5 Ways to Refresh Your Finances in 2019 - SimpliFi
New years bring new beginnings. January presents a great opportunity for some midwinter cleaning – to get your financial house in order. To refresh your finances for 2019, check off these 5 important to-dos: Stale Investments: Now is the time to take a deeper look into your investments. Ensure your investments still make sense in helping you meet your retirement goals. Catch Up Contributions: Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Jason Priestley all turn 50 in 2019. If you’re already part of the over-50 club, or just about to join, you can now stuff more money into your 401(k) via catch-up contributions. In fact, for 2019, the IRS allows you to contribute an additional $6,000. Beneficiaries: After you’re gone, it’s too late. Review your current beneficiaries and update them as needed. Tax Withholding: Compare your most recent paycheck stub to last year’s tax return and make sure you’ve made adjustments if your situation has changed. Are you on track for a refund or an ugly surprise in April? Plan Ahead: Thinking about retiring? Even with interest rates at their current lows, there’s a lot to consider before retiring. For example, it might be better to retire with a higher interest rate and 6 weeks of vacation pay rather than retiring with a lower rate and no vacation pay. Need some advice? SimpliFi adheres to the fiduciary standard. This means we put your interests first. We don’t earn commissions. We don’t charge hidden fees. And we represent no one but you. Period. [...]