Shedding light on Islamic branding in the marketing world
Noor means 'light' in Arabic. It evokes openness, peace and learning. It is in this spirit that Ogilvy Noor was recently launched as the world’s first bespoke Islamic Branding practice. A specialist unit within Ogilvy & Mather, Ogilvy Noor aims to offer expert guidance on how to build brands that appeal to Muslim consumers globally. The Muslim consumer market is, at almost 1.8bn people, one of the largest consumer groups in the world – 20% of the world is, today, Muslim. Yet to date, marketers from the non-Muslim world have often stumbled in their attempts to connect and engage with this group – falling into traps of oversimplification, stereotyping, or just plain prejudice. Ogilvy Noor seeks to redress the balance, and, for the first time, provide a guide to marketers that’s based on what Muslim consumers themselves want.