General Maintenance and Refrigerator System Technician | Reign Marine Shipping Agency Co., Inc
Report to: Operations Manager General maintenance responsibility of the designated locations. Repairs and maintains, in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operations manuals and manufacturer's specifications: machinery, mechanical equipments such as engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems and equipment, using hand tools, power tools and precision measuring and testing instruments. Repairs and maintains refrigerators systems, containers cooling systems and air conditioning system using hand tools, power tools, and welding equipment. May repair and maintains electrical systems and equipment of the locations. Test lines, components and connections for leaks Monthly calibration report of the containers and equipments of the locations. May initiate purchase order for parts and machines. Ensure the performance of the weekly duties plan, previously issued in accordance with the necessity of service and keep record and recap of the work done daily. Participate at the act