North Zone C Div Girls Basketball: SCGS shake off NVSS to take home championship with 46–28 win
In a battle where skills and hunger clashed, Singapore Chinese Girls' School (SCGS) took down North Vista Secondary (NVSS) during the final of the North Zone C Division Girls Basketball Championship. With a win of 46 - 28, SCGS were, without a doubt, the champions of the North Zone C Div Girls. Au Zexuan (SCGS #10) and captain Chloe Laur (NVSS #27) were the top scorers of their team and poured in a total of 13 points each. Wang Jia Yue (SCGS #11) followed behind their lead with a grand total of 12 points while Shumin (NVSS #53) put in a formidable effort to achieve six points for her team.