The Church of Satan and Music Festivals
Recently in the light of the unveiling of a satanic statue I've been urged to make this article to express my own opinion on organized religion and the personal spiritual experiences I've had with my ego and spirit. Why the church of Satan? If you are unaware, recently a statue honoring the demonic figure of Baphomet was unveiled at a Satanic temple in Detroit, Michigan. This statue was erected to honor Satanists beliefs in hopes of causing controversy and upset with the American people and other nations as well. This post is intended to do the same thing by condemning the church of Satan and calling it out for what it is: another hypocritical organized religion made to brainwash and tax believers to fund their own interest or agendas. I will be the first to say the Satanic church is just as hypocritical as the Catholic church, if not more hypocritical than other major organized religions out there.