Cowin HE5A Review: A Bang for the Buck?
Design and Accessories Unboxing the Cowin HE5A revealed a set of simple design headphones accompanied by just a few accessories – interchangeable ear tips, micro USB charging cable, a rather thin starter user manual, and a thank you note from the main Man, Bill Cowin himself. We thought it was a nice touch to have added a small card indicating that if you sent Cowin a selfie with your HE5As, $1 will be donated to UNICEF Charity. As for the headphones, they are two earbuds connected via a non-adjustable wire with two small panels on each side and a round-edged neckband. The neckband is to be worn around the backside of your neck, with each earbud pushed into your ear canals. The outside of the earbuds is Cowin branded and finished in piano black. That’s fingerprints for you to wipe off if you want to continue looking slick. These earbuds go deep inside your ears, so they will not easily fall out while doing your thing, even with all the sweat involved. This is a design solution for which other manufacturers have opted differently. Some earbuds go shallower but have hooks or wings to attach them more firmly to the outside of your ear. Thus more ambient noise will get in. This will be better for hearing noises around you, but worse for your listening experience. Comfort-wise you get 3 tip sizes to choose from. The neckband is flexible and easy on your neck. We tested it even on a beautiful long-haired individual. No trouble there. Flexibility makes it easy to ball up and fit in any pocket without tangling issues. The earbuds are magnetic, so when you are resting them on your chest they will stick together thus eliminating the chance of falling or causing discomfort by flying in all directions. The general control panel accommodating all the buttons and the charge port is on the right. You have two small buttons for BT on/off and for ANC, and a volume/next song one. Tiny LED indicators are included, although you will have to take the headphones off to be able to see the indications. There is also a nice lady voice to tell you when your phones are on/off, and when the Active Noise Cancelling is on/off. Sound Quality and ANC Feature Naturally, the most important thing to discuss when talking about headphones is quality of sound, however, audio sensations are subjective which means that everyone has different needs and perception of good sound and subjectivity makes it really hard to talk about sound The Cowin HE5A stand out with a feature which is more likely to be seen with higher level designs. That is the Active Noise Cancelling technology. As I mentioned, you will have a button to turn it on/off. The sweet lady spirit inside your headphones will inform you accordingly. ANC is basically meant to decrease the level of the unwanted outside noise. Remember, these are earbuds, so ambient noise will not be canceled completely. Considering