Fact List - Pracreation
A list covering facts about nature, environment, awareness, places and people. From anything to everything that will definitely blow your mind and add up to your knowledge about the world. Posts – 10 Critically Endangered Species of India 8 Weird Phenomenons induced by Humans 10 Plants that show Allelopathy 10 Common Weeds that have Medicinal Properties 10 Weird New Species discovered in 2017 10 Pollution Indicator Species 10 Animal Camouflage Examples 10 Animals that are Loyal Couple 10 Comparing Facts between North India and South India 10 Most Beautiful Birds found in India 10 Products made by Brutally killing animals 10 States in India where Water Scarcity has become common in just Few Years 10 Things that increase Positive Energy in Body 10 Unique Tribal people of the world 12 Extreme Weather Events that shook India in 2017 4 steps to make your life positive and healed 5 Beautifully Weird Weather Phenomenons observed in India 6 Amazing Geological Formations in India 6 Mysterious Questions that have no Explanation 10 Animals with Scented Bodies 10 Least Known Migratory Birds of India 5 Countries that struggled for Freedom 10 Rivers that were successfully restored from Water Pollution 5 Easy and Smart Ways to keep Environment Clean 5 Technologies for combating Water Scarcity 10 Creative Innovations to transform Plastic waste into Treasure