5 Easy and Smart Ways to keep the Environment Clean - Pracreation
Our surroundings, whether it is land, air or water, have become very polluted and in the recent years the level has hiked considerably. Many a times we blame our governments for weak policies and ineffective management strategies. No doubt that they are somewhere accountable for all these issues but more than them we people are in control of whatever contamination we are spreading around. We are the one who carelessly throw rubbish on our roads and sewage into our rivers or streams. We ourselves are responsible for the situations that have now become disasters. There exists many articles discussing about these issues but in this post I’ll converse about some basic and simple things that we can build in ourselves, as a part of our contributions towards building a place to live for all. Incorporate Good Habits Throw your garbage and rubbish into a dustbin especially when you are travelling. It’s a very basic yet important habit. Nobody likes fast food packets or plastic bottles coming out of a car’s window while driving behind them. Never spit on roads, pavements, gardens or any public places. Realize that you might be contributing to make your surroundings a dirtbag. So better make it a habit to not to spit around. Avoid taking plastic bags from the shopkeepers while going out for shopping. Instead, make a habit of carrying a cloth or jute bag every time you go out. Avoid purchasing products or eatables packed in plastic bags or plastic bottles. Lesser plastic products you purchase, lesser will be plastic pollution around, so better reduce the demand of a product rather thinking about handling the leftovers. Try using public transportation Using personal cars for even small distances not only increases rush on roads but also it contributes in air pollution. So sometimes we should try an adventure ride in a bus or if you want to take adventure to a higher level, you can ride a bicycle. Recycle Plastic, glass, metals, paper and electronic items are recyclable, which means that they can be converted into a new product. Once trash is thrown into a dump, it becomes very difficult to sort these things out. So, to make things and procedures go easy we should encourage home sorting and dumping these kind of garbage into different bins. Use Renewable Energy resources Using less of non-renewable energy resources such as electricity from coal and hydro-power projects, we should encourage solar powered lightings, water heaters. Reducing the usage of heaters and ACs and instead incorporating the passive heating or cooling architectures in houses can help in reducing the load for such devices. Greening/ gardening Make a connection with plants, not outside in the parks or gardens but in your home. Prepare a kitchen garden in your backyards or in lawns or if you are devoid of space then even can in pots. More the time you spend with plants more you will feel positively energised. Moreover, it is the best way to contribute in lowering environmental pollution as you are growing a source of clean air and at the same time creating a sink for air pollutants. Even you can teach children to grow organic fruits and vegetables which will enhance their knowledge and skills. Manali Leh cycling Expedition So, these were few simple and effective ways to keep the Environment clean. I hope these steps helped you to improve the quality of your life and your surroundings. Do LIKE, SHARE this post with your friends. Related posts : 10 Pollution Indicator Species Life in a City around Air Pollution 5 Technologies for Combating Water Scarcity Related