Ocean Viking Charity Ship Rescues 85 African Migrants As Richard Gere Shines Light On Migrant Plight - Politicoscope
The Ocean Viking charity ship plucked 85 African migrants from the sea off Libya Friday, the latest rescue in the Mediterranean as Hollywood star Richard Gere boarded a second vessel to highlight the plight of those stranded. Gere boarded the Open Arms, which had over 100 migrants stuck on board, to keep a spotlight on their situation as they wait for European nations to agree to take them in. Subscribe to New Stories Subscribe to our daily curated newsletter to receive latest Politicoscope news delivered to your email inbox. Email Address Sign Me Up * Unlock premium articles. Sign Up or Log In. The Ocean Viking, operated by French NGOs SOS Mediterranee and Doctors without Borders (MSF), had to call off its initial search during the night and had to wait till dawn broke to finally find the migrant boat — to applause from the passengers. You May Also Like: Dead Migrants' Bodies Recovered By Libya's Coast GuardAfter setting off from Libya, they had been spotted on Thursday evening from a plane flying in the European Union’s migrant monitoring operation Sophia. They had come from Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast and Sudan. Among them are five women and 15 children, the youngest aged just one. “It was the start of our third day at sea,” said a young woman as she clambered aboard Ocean Viking. Crew members continued to scan the waves for a second vessel that set sail at the same time. On Friday night, 39 migrants were rescuedContinue reading