Plant Care is Self Care
Do you ever find the idea of self care confusing? Is it long massages? Meditation? A Treat Yo Self day a la Parks and Rec? As a mom and business owner, I honestly don't have a lot of time for any of that. And then I feel guilty because apparently self care is what will make me a better mom and business owner. So generally, I ignore the whole idea of self care. But a few weeks ago, at one of our free repotting classes, one my frequent customers introduced herself at the beginning of the class and said that coming to our classes was part of her self care. And it really hit me, self care should be exactly what you want it to be. That may mean long massages and meditation and shopping sprees. But it may also mean repotting your plants, or propagating them. Or actually taking time to cook dinner rather than going out. Or reading aloud to your toddler. Or rereading the Harry Potter series to yourself for the 5th time... Which I may or may not be doing because Harry Potter is amazing. So, in an effort to help myself and all of you figure out what self care means in your life, this month at Piep, we’re focused on how caring for plants can be a form of self care. I've put together tips on our monthly calendar of activities for ways you can enjoy your plant care and the people in your life, plenty of fun free classes as always, and a special gift for you all: a gorgeous free print designed by Geoff Gouveia available here. We also asked Amanda Cordaro of Save Serenity to share some of her journey into plant care and the benefits that come from it! She's a mother, a yogi, and a blogger who loves houseplants maybe even more than we do. My favorite observation she makes in this post is that