Re-Boot Fitness is a unique boutique studio in North Perth. With dynamic trainers who think outside of the box, a variety of fun group fitness classes and a friendly studio environment, clients are sure to get results.OUR MISSIONIs to deliver a product that ensures satisfaction. To achieve results and effectively make a difference. Re-boot's lifestyle is to allow expression, team work and belonging. We are not just a fitness company. We are family, a friend, competitor and supporter.THE FOUNDING OF RE-BOOT FITNESS RE-BOOT Fitness was founded after a life changing event to its founder. From this the name RE-BOOT was created. There are things in life we can’t control but with RE-BOOT Fitness we challenge you to take control of your fitness and achieve positive change. Life is full of challenges. When a situation effects your life you have a choice to re-boot and make effective change. RE-BOOT Fitness will empower you and your journey. Whether it is fitness, weight loss, stress management or comradery, RE-BOOT Fitness is with you all the way to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Founder: Michael Colley 2015.