Youth Hostels Association allow trans guests to use female dormitories, The Times 08.10.18 | Peak Trans
The original article by Lucy Bannerman and Rosemary Bennett is here. The Youth Hostels Association has been accused by women of quietly opening up single-sex dormitories to men who identify as women. Guests can now choose the accommodation that matches their "gender identity", and the words "single sex" have been replaced by "single gender" on the online booking system. Women are not told that they could be sharing with a man who identifies as female. If a woman is not happy about the arrangements Youth Hostels Association (YHA) guidance tells staff to accommodate the transgender guest and move the woman elsewhere. The policy has infuriated women who say that it is another example of an organisation sanctifying the rights of transgender people above their safety. They also said that it created an opportunity for predators and was unfair on transgender guests and volunteers who would have to deal with the conflicts of interest. The YHA said that it took advice from "outside agencies".