SILENCING: Trying to stop us meeting | Peak Trans
One of the most horrifying and indefensible consequences of trans ideology is the view that women should not be allowed to meet together and air concerns about how that ideology may impact on our lives as women. We don't matter, we should just shut up and if we won't shut up trans activist bullies will shut us up by trying to stop us meeting or by trying to drown out our voices if we do meet. What should be public meetings, where people have a right to speak and to be heard and challenged have – thanks to trans activists – had to be held in secret. And yet in spite of their efforts to silence us, the meetings are getting bigger and bigger each time and women in more and more parts of the country are deciding to host them. What does that tell you, trans activist bullies? Probably nothing as long as you keep your blinkers on and your fingers in your ears while shouting at the top of your voices to support male entitlement over women's liberation. This page has a list of all the meetings