Some people disagree that there is any such thing as transgender ideology; I've even seen the claim that to suggest there is such a thing is transphobic. This may be based on a misconception of what the word 'ideology' means. As David McLellan (Ideology, 1995) wrote, "Ideology is the most elusive concept in the whole of the social sciences". It's a word with many rival definitions. I use it on this website to refer to certain highly contestable ideas that are fiercely promoted by some trans activists because they are held to represent the interests of transgender people. This is not to suggest that all transgender people agree with all or any of them – far from it. Some of these ideas are strongly challenged or simply ignored by some trans people but it is important to engage with them because they are potentially harmful. I have devoted other pages in this category to arguments relevant to trans ideology; to the hatred and silencing of critical voices that appears to be a very big