Blog: Trans rights for the confused and bewildered | Peak Trans
This is the title of a piece posted on by trans activist Joss Prior last week. From the title you'd be forgiven for thinking that it is an explanation of trans rights for people who are confused and bewildered. You'd be wrong. Anyone who is genuinely confused and bewildered about this topic is unlikely to make it past the excruciating introduction, in which Joss Prior is at pains to sacrifice clarity, basic grammar and – as always – truthfulness in favour of trying to entertain other trans activists who are every bit as dim as Joss Prior. In the entirety of the piece, trans rights as such are barely touched on. Instead we are treated to a hotchpotch of trans-related questions followed by what are presumably Joss Prior's idea of slam dunk replies. It would take too long to dismantle all of them and some aren't worth the candle anyway. The most important questions, which are about children and the increase in the number of young women claiming to be transgender, are written