Blog: The Thought Police are coming | Peak Trans
They will tell you what to think They will tell you what to say They will prescribe your reading And tell you must pray And bow down to the gender gods Policed by local cops Big Brother's really watching you And they will never stop. by Ali Bee I've added a new page to this site. On it are the stories I know about where the police have responded inappropriately to what I believe are, in most cases, spurious complaints, whose overriding purpose is to silence disagreement with transgender ideology. The police are turning into the trans lobby's goon squad. As I live in what is supposedly a country where my right to express an opinion is safeguarded by legislation, I would be very surprised to hear from the police and warned against expressing any negative opinions about them, however much they might not like it. But were I to go onto social media and say anything like the following: 'Gender's fashionable nonsense. Sex is real.' 'Transwomen aren't women' 'Gender is BS – pass it on'