Blog: The Handmaidens' Tales | Peak Trans
This is the post in which I express my anger against those young women who've betrayed the goal of women's liberation by promoting male entitlement and female erasure. And, no, contrary to what certain trans activists such as Stephen Whittle say, the term 'handmaidens' isn't misogynist. Misogyny refers to contempt and disregard for women because they are women, i.e. adult human female. It doesn't include the disdain we feel for women who are selling us down the river, the women who prioritise the feelings of men over the psychological well-being and the physical safety of women. The true meaning of 'handmaiden' is female servant and that, in effect, is what these women are. I don't expect to have to elaborate on the fact that women have, throughout history and across cultures, been oppressed and exploited because we are female and 'female' refers to the sex whose role in reproduction is to produce ova, gestate and give birth. The fact that an individual female chooses