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Scroll down for links to external articles. Much as I agree with Nedra Johnson's quote, being called a 'TERF' doesn't exactly cut to the quick. Many fantastic and inspiring women are disdained as TERFs so being called one myself feels like being tortured by comfy chair. Then again, I don't care about being called a cow or a bitch or a slut or any of the other terms of abuse largely reserved for women and to which 'TERF' are the modern-day equivalent. Most people on twitter block me before using it about me anyway. Can't think why. History It started as an acronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. The term was coined by a woman involved with the now defunct Michigan Womyn's Music Festival to differentiate between those, like herself who did and the radical feminists who didn't think that men who "identified" as women should be accepted as women. She has proclaimed on social media that she never considered herself a