ERASURE: Sports | Peak Trans
Another thing that happened back in March 2017 that contributed to my Peak Trans experience was the news that Laurel Hubbard, a male-born weightlifter in New Zealand, had 'transitioned' i.e. been on hormones for a few months and was allowed to complete in women's weightlifting events which, being much stronger than any of the women who'd trained for years, he naturally won. He even set a new record in "women's" weightlifting. Well done, Laurel! This page is for links about male athletes who are now crushing the chances of young womens' places in teams, medals and sports scholarships by being allowed to compete women's events. I trust the reason it is placed in the site category entitled 'Erasure' doesn't need explaining. All the illustrations on this page are by Sandy Manning. Follow her on Twitter @SandyDrawsBadly. Martina Navratilova speaks truth to power It is no exaggeration to say that it takes real bravery for someone who is famous to speak out about any of the iniquitous