Speakers Corner | Peak Trans
My account of what happened to me at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park on 13 September 2017 can currently be read on my blog: When vicious entitled thugs attack, I fight back. This page is just for a few examples of the reactions to the incident from transcultists. These are not entirely consistent. Some weren't in the slightest bit interested in what actually happened, where it happened, what I was doing or saying. They were simply happy that someone described as a 'TERF' - and therefore fair game - was assaulted. Others were intent on blaming me and would not entertain any other version of events than that I had either provoked the attack by "sticking my camera in their faces" or had attacked first. The three videos of the incident that I have posted on my blog show quite clearly that I was a victim of unprovoked assaults, attempted theft and criminal damage to my camera and that I fought back to the best of my ability. Contrary to another widely disseminated falsehood, the police – who