Sex-segregated spaces | Peak Trans
This page is devoted to the conflict over sex-segregated spaces other than prisons, which are on a separate page here. There are reasons why sex-segregated spaces exist. These reasons pertain to the wish for privacy, dignity and – in the case of women – safety, both physical and in terms of psychological and emotional well-being. Wanting to keep male-bodied people – however they "identify" – out of places where vulnerable women are housed (e.g. prisons and refuges) or where women are potentially vulnerable (e.g. hospital wards and changing rooms) is one of the hottest potatoes of the debate around trensgenderism. Yet the opnions and feelings of women themselves are being disregarded by most of those in power, who frequently resort to offering the unsupportable and divisive claim that transwomen are women in order to close down debate. Toilets, bathrooms, restrooms... ...or whatever they are called where you are from, are one of most commonly searched-for topics on this site. I've