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This page is about sex. I devote a page to gender here. Definitions Let's start with a few definitions. Here are some lifted from the Oxford dictionary: What does the science say? As far as most people are concerned, the above definitions of male and female as biological categories are likely to be uncontroversial and I suspect they would be as surprised as I once was to learn that they are hotly disputed. A 2015 article in the science journal, Nature, entitled Sex Redefined, informs us that, More surprisingly, the article claims that, I'd say that's a highly questionable claim. If transgender activists would like gender to be irrelevant, why switch from one gender to another? Why not campaign to make gender irrelevant instead of doing something that reinforces it? The article was publicised by at least one science blogger I used to respect, namely PZ Myers That's really bad advice, actually, PZ, because we all know that the words 'women' and 'men' are globally understood in terms