Blog: Rattling the Honey Badger's cage | Peak Trans
What members of the trans cult are too stupid to realise is that every time they post abuse or threaten violence against those of us standing up to their attempts to bully us into submission, they give us ammunition against them. And what they're too stupid to realise about me in particular, is that when they show in no uncertain terms that I've managed to rattle their cage – which I do by refusing to stop calling out their abuse and attempts to intimidate me – it gladdens my heart. As I said in the blog I wrote exposing the searing stupidity of trans activist, Joss Prior, I was surprised that, since having launched this website at the end of 2017, I'd only received one abusive comment through the contacts page and that was from somebody calling himself "Big Frank" and using a fake email address. "Big Frank" didn't like something I'd said about Joss Prior. Nice of him to care so much. Here's the email again. What "Big Frank" realised is that when you use the contact form on this site,