Prison | Peak Trans
In all of the UK's constituent countries, rape is defined as penetration with a penis, ergo it can only be carried out by male persons. In spite of a wealth of evidence, the existence of trans identifying males who have used their penises to rape women and/or children is a fact that trans allies appear to be in complete denial about. Concerns about such people being in women's prisons are, in my experience, angrily dismissed by trans allies who display a callous disregard for the feelings not only of their victims but also of the unfortunate women who are forced to share their living spaces with them. An inevitable consequence of making it easier to change one's gender is that more convicted rapists will end up in women's prisons. This is not "equating transgender people to rapists"; it is certainly not saying all or most or a large number or even a significant minority of male-born trans are criminals of any sort. It is, however, saying that some are. It may only be a tiny percentage