The Police | Peak Trans
This is a new page intended mainly for stories about inapproriate responses by British police to people who've been reported by trans activists for supposed "hate speech" online. A very small number of people are believed to be responsible for using this particular strategy in trying to silence those they disagree with but I – and many others – consider the behaviour of police in certain highly publicised recent cases to be unconscionable and one of the most sinister developments so far in the promotion of transgender ideology. Below are the cases I know about at the moment and here the blog I wrote to accompany this page: The Thought Police are coming Maria MacLachlan 06.04.19 Links Meet the Experts Training Police in the UK on Trans Issues Uncommon Ground 12.04.19 West Yorkshire Police: Allies of Convenience Jo Bartosch 15.03.19 Hate crime officer called an 'embarrassment to the service' after telling shops to use gender-neutral signs for tampons Independent 13.08.17