Olivia Broustra | Peak Trans
In their campaign to silence women's voices, trans activists have now turned their attention to, which I had previously understood to be a site on which ordinary people could express their opinions and present their arguments, regardless of how controversial they might be. It seems not. Feminist Olivia Broustra is, so far as I know, the first to be targeted by the trans cult. The latest of several articles she has published on was taken down yesterday after complaints that it was "hate speech". Olivia republished it on the site, only to have it removed again. Is it hate speech? How about letting people decide for themselves? Here is the full text of the article. Olivia is on Twitter @PolelifePussy The Trans Ego: Why Allies are becoming TERFS Well done. You got a trans woman to be considered enough of a woman to be put in the woman's prison. You put a rapist into a woman's prison, and you made that ok. You let women get harassed by rapist until the rapist