SILENCING: No platforming | Peak Trans
Refusing to share a platform When this is done by an idiot like trans activist Fran Cowling on grounds of unsupportable and, indeed, demonstrably false allegations against someone like Peter Tatchell, who's spent half a century campaigning for civil rights, the only person silenced is the idiot. In this case, the event went ahead with Tatchell giving the keynote speech and a panel of four other speakers but minus Cowling. This was a protest that backfired on Cowling on this occasion but had Tatchell not been so well known and long-established in the public eye for what he is, it could have had a very negative and totally undeserved impact on his reputation instead of a negative and totally deserved impact on Cowling's. Using the same tactic against Miranda Yardley, as described in Mirandagate: why the BBC's 'Newsnight' pulled trans debate, where all the invited speakers refused to share a platform causing the event – or, in this case, a slot on BBC Newsnight – to be pulled, has the