My Peak Trans Story | Peak Trans
Some personal information that some readers might think matters: I am Maria MacLachlan. I live in England. I'm a baby-boomer of mixed European parentage. I'm married to a man. I have borne and raised a son and a daughter. My other websites include Skepticat_UK and Think Humanism. My real-world experience of trans people doesn't amount to much beyond getting robbed and assaulted by a few of them at Speakers' Corner in September 2017, though I've made a few real-life trans friends as a result of that experience and a few more online. On this page I recount how my thinking about transition has changed over the years. A word about pronouns: As this is the story of my personal journey to where I'm at now, I have decided that my use of pronouns should reflect my feelings at the time that the events I describe occurred. I use pronouns that reflect biological sex prior to transitioning and that reflect gender identity after transitioning, which is what I did until very recently. Where it