Linda Bellos | Peak Trans
INTERVIEW: Linda Bellos on trans activism, coming out, and being a black lesbian feminist on the left Feminist Current 13.11.18 Private Prosecution September 2018 Linda, together with radical feminist and organiser of the 'We Need to Talk' series of meetings, Venice Allan, was the target of a private prosecution by one of the nastiest trans activists known to womankind. Mark Kendal, who is now known as Giuliana Kendal, is unhappy that the police would not pursue a ridiculous and highly malicious complaint against her for what she said at a meeting in York in November 2017, which was organised and recorded by Venice. A video of the meeting was uploaded to youtube. (See details below.) At the plea hearing, held at Westminister Magistrates' Court, on 26 October 2018, the case was adjourned until 30 November. The defence invited the Crown Prosecution Service to take over the case and will make a decision as to whether to continue it. There was great support for Linda and Venice at the