ERASURE: Lesbians & Gay men | Peak Trans
This page was getting too full so I've now created a new, separate page for news about Lesbians at the Pride. Staying on this page are articles, news stories and videos about transgender ideology and homosexual erasure, as well as examples of lesbophobia from trans cultists. Lesbians at Ground Zero From Get the L out 30.03.19 "Lesbians are routinely being coerced into sexual relations with transwomen. The report includes findings of a survey which shows lesbians are under huge pressure within GBT communities to accept without question that "transwoman are women." Lesbians who responded to the survey reported a wide variety of sexual violence by transwomen, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape." Download the report and survey findings here. Links 'Grime should embrace transgender' BBC 08.04.19 "He says: "I now identify as a heterosexual male. I feel so much more comfortable compared with before when I was called a lesbian by people."" Why Iran is a hub