Lesbians at the Pride and Dyke Marches | Peak Trans
New for 2019 New Zealand: Our lesbian group has been banned from Pride. 14.03.19 Lesbophobia at public marches Posted on Twitter June 2018: "In honour of pride month I want to ask 'What has happened to Pride?' Original Pride vs. Queer Theory Pride, a thread." Domination by Trans Rights Activists at Dyke March in San Fransciso XX Amazon (has links to other pieces) Lesbians attacked by Trans Activists at the San Francisco Dyke March Gender Trender 24.06.18 Lesbians are being excluded from the Vancouver Dyke March in the name of 'inclusivity' Feminist Current Lesbians Fighting Back Auckland Pride 2018 Two young feminist heroes, Charlie Montague and Renée Gerlich, took the opportunity to challenge lesbian erasure and child abuse at the Auckland Pride Parade in February 2018. The picture tweeted by Charlie, right, shows the banner they carried at the Pride saying, 'Stop giving kids sex hormones. Protect Lesbian Youth'. Renee's blog carries the press release they sent out,