Leanne Mills | Peak Trans
Leanne's name was not one I recognised in the list of signatories to a letter published in The Times in December 2018 and I'd already forgotten it when I received an email a few days later, which I reproduce here with Leanne's permission. Since then, we've exchanged several emails and I've been pleased to include more links from Leanne on this website. The most recent – Transexual Reality – tells the story in considerable detail of what Leanne went through in becoming transgender. I was deeply moved when I read this story and I am delighted to include it but where to put it? It's not a detransition story so I didn't feel it belonged on my Detransition page but it is an important story, a story of sadness and a warning that a transsexual life does not always match up to hopes or expectations. Because I want to help Leanne get this message out, I decided to make this separate page and put all the links here. By the way, Leanne is now on Twitter and is a supportive ally to