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Arguments around which pronouns to use and over the exceptionally silly word 'cis' have the rare quality of being both insufferably boring and monumentally significant – symbolically at least – in that they serve to illustrate the extent to which trans ideology is succeeding at a superficial level. I understand they've passed some crazy new law in Canada about all this but I haven't investigated it properly. We may find absurd news stories about a "woman" raping men in which the alleged rapist is called "she" – even in a country where the legal definition of rape refers to penetration by a penis. This does not, of course, mean that most people seriously believe that the alleged rapist is a woman. This page is for stuff about those words. Cis I was at a meeting in Cambridge recently that Linda Bellos spoke at. I tweeted something she said (see right) and it obviously resonated with a few people. Others are surprised. "It's not as if it's a slur," they said. "It just means 'not trans!"