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As the items and articles on this page show, all terms pertaining to biological sex are a potential minefield of hurt feelings on Planet Trans. So far as I know, none of the screenshots lower down the page were designed for April Fools Day. Links from Planet Rational Are we women or are we menstruators? Meghan Murphy "Conundrumy! How is it possible for a human being — trans or not — to menstruate if they do not, in fact, have ovaries and a uterus? Well, hold on to your hats, folks — the answer is: it's not possible. Every single person who menstruates has a female body. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? Apparently it makes Planned Parenthood uncomfortable, which is odd, as they, of all people, should understand these basic facts about women's bodies, as experts and educators on the very topic of women's bodies." Bra-gate – Yellowberry products now 'for everyone' Lily Maynard "It is interesting to note that big clothing companies, who also market underwear and other