ERASURE: Language | Peak Trans
People generally don't like language being changed and attempts to do so are always likely to be met with disdain or ridicule as a knee-jerk reaction. This happens even when the proposed changes are clearly progressive is in the case of replacing Miss/Mrs with Ms or Chairman with Chair. Disdain and ridicule are even more likely responses when proposed changes are patently disdainful and ridiculous as is the case with much of what is called "trans inclusive" language, most of which might also reasonably called "woman erasing" language. I originally intended to have just one page with a few examples but it got a bit crowded so I've divided the material up into categories and given them a page each. Other pages on language on this site: biology cis, trans and pronouns Links to external articles Ontological Totalitarianism by Numbers Jane Clare Jones 08.12.18 "Human beings have a right to freedom of conscience and belief. Human beings have a right to their own