Labour members 'punished' over transgender Facebook debate by Lucy Bannerman 24.10.18 | Peak Trans
The original article is here. Labour supporters have criticised a "sinister" decision to freeze them out of a Facebook group for sharing an article by the former head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission. Rebecca Lush was among the women who tried to share the article by Trevor Phillips on The Labour Party Forum, an unofficial account with almost 40,000 followers. In the article for The Times, Mr Phillips, a long-time Labour member, urged ministers not to give in to "trans zealots" over proposals to allow people to self-declare their legal gender. Within 25 minutes of making the post, Ms Lush was told that she would be muted by administrators for sharing the allegedly "transphobic and offensive" material. She and other members are blocked from joining any discussion of the subject until tomorrow. On its home page, the forum claims to be "an open, democratic, independent, unofficial forum for Labour Party supporters to discuss issues and policies," where "debate is welcome" and