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Jenni targeted by trans fascists again Trans groups demand Leeds Lit Festival ban BBC presenter from speaking in transphobia row Yorkshire Evening Post 07.03.19 To the authors of the open letter demanding the cancellation of Jenni Murray's appearance at Leeds Literature Festival this weekend Jonathan Best 07.03.19 Do students go to uni to get stupid these days? Anger as uni plans to name theatre after 'transphobic' broadcaster Hull Daily Mail 03.12.18 Privileged whiny brats at Oxford University are intent on showing how education is wasted on them. Jenni Murray was due to give a talk at Oxford History Society this week. The same societies that shamed themselves early last year (see below) again tried to get her no-platformed. Here a couple of links. Jenni Murray pulls out of Oxford talk after students try to 'no platform' her over 'transphobic' comments Telegraph 07.11.18 Even Oxford University can't save Jenni Murray from the transgender activist mob James Kirkup 07.11.18 The