Guest blog: A list of all things transphobic | Peak Trans
Claire Graham, who currently tweets as @MRKHVoice, is helpfully compiling a list and I thank her for allowing me to reproduce it here – or rather, the first dozen items on it. Last time I looked, the list had grown to over 70 items so, once you've absorbed this page, do be sure to check the rest of them on her Twitter timeline. I'm sure we can all learn to do better. (Quotes from articles linked to were selected by me.) From Claire: 1. Gender neutral toilets – transphobic. Students voice concerns about bathroom policy, security camera monitoring "Chelsea Dyapa, a third-year philosophy student, said she thought the policy was discriminatory because it could potentially be too costly to implement, limiting the number of gender-inclusive facilities campuswide." 2. Related to number one, other people wanting privacy – transphobic. From the same article as linked to above: "This basically comes out of a want for privacy and an all-gender restroom, and that want for privacy