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There are articles full of what I considered to be good arguments on every part of this site. Here is where I park a selection of some of my favourites. Many of them are also linked to from other pages on this site. I'd like to dedicate this page to the memory of Kate Gould, a brilliant young woman who truly understood what makes a good argument. Sadly, Kate died unexpectedly in October 2017. I am honoured to include her last blog post below. RIP Kate. Transwomen: The New Misogynists Kate Gould "This is our cultural narrative: men demand and women defer. Just because they're wearing dresses, they behave no differently. Men want to have the right to choose the gender with which they identify and to be able to assert that right. For that is what transwomen's rights are: men's rights to identify and behave as they wish. To assume that this right is more worthy of support or more important than the rights of the women with whom transwomen say they identify is misogynist and