Glossary | Peak Trans
Transgender politics has a language of its own and uses a lot of acronyms. I'll list here all the terms I'm aware of being used on social media. Most of these are not ones I use myself and the only time they are used on this site is when I'm quoting other people. I also include the terms that are used by feminists and other gender abolitionists. AFAB/AMAB = assigned female at birth/assigned male at birth Cis or cisgender = someone whose personal gender identity matches their biological sex. Rejected by many feminists. Cisnormativity = the assumption, which can be hurtful to trans people, that virtually everyone is cisgender. One online source cites "Men cannot get pregnant," as an example of a cisnormative statement that might offend trans people. I kid you not. Cissexism = manifestation of prejudice and discrimination against people who are not cisgender but, according to one online source, cissexism is "more subtle than transphobia" DFAB/DMAB = designated female at birth/designated